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livejournal mommies
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welcome to livejournal mommies! a community to ask questions or debate about parenting/pregnancy.

1] you are welcome to join if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant. or have children. you can be any age; just keep your childish drama at the door.
- you do not have to be female to join. as long as you have a child[ren], or a pregnant girlfriend/wife, you may join.

2] please be honest. do not claim to be someone you arnt; no stealing other peoples pictures and posting them as your own.

3] please don't be [too] rude, harassing, or create drama. you are welcome to state your opinion but leave it at that, do not go into telling someone they are wrong for their beliefs; thats one way to get kicked out. not everyone has to believe how you do. respect each other.

4] after you've become a member, please introduce yourself. if you dont know what to say, there is an application you can fill out.

5] make all entries 'FRIENDS ONLY'. that way if someone decides to 'bother' you, we can weed them out faster.

6] NO PROMOTING; this community is to educate one another, and share opinions with each other. not to find communities.

7] use an lj-cut <*lj-*cut* text=*"text here"*>*<*/lj-*cut> [remove the *'s] if your posts are going to be long, or if your going to post big pictures.

8] have fun!

if you violate the rules you will be banned.

copy & paste.